Alexander Tsinker (Israel)

President of the ICES, director of "East European States & C.I.S. Institute", member of the Knesset 1999-2003, system analyst, political scientist.
Monitoring of elections (international observer): 2001-Belarus (presidential), 2004,2010,2019-Ukraine (presidential), 2005,2019-Kazakhstan (presidential), 2006,2007,2012,2014,2019 - Ukraine (parliamentary).

John Swails (USA)

Ph.D. director of ORU's Center for Israel and Middle East Studies. Since 2007 on the U.S. Advisory Board of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and on the Board of Governors for Ariel University in Israel. As part of IACOPM delegations served as short term elections observer to countries of the former USSR.

Johan Deckmyn ((Flanders, Belgium)

In the period of 2004 – 2014 and since 2019: Member of Parliament in Flanders, Belgium (Vice-president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs). Since 2019: Member of the Benelux Parliament; Member of the OECD Global Parliamentary Network.

Zita Gurmai (Hungary)

Member of Parliament Hungary, Vice-President of the Hungarian Socialist Party. Member of European Parliament 2004 - 2014.

Gyula Molnar (Hungary)

Member of parliament. President of Hungarian Socialist Party (20016-2019). Monitoring of elections (international observer): 2010,2019-Ukraine (presidential), 2014,2019 - Ukraine (parliamentary).

Lidia Lawson (USA)

J.D. is a US attorney and political analyst who, as President of IACOPM from 2005-2020 she served as short term international election observer in countries of former USSR. Research focused on electoral law, democratic theory and political issues affecting post Soiet Countries.

Valentin Yakushik (Ukraine)

PhD in political science, PhD in laws, professor. Chairman of Supervisory Board of Ukrainian Institute of Politics (NGO).

Nikolai Meinert (Finland)

OÜ UspehMedia (Media Director, Member of the Board), journalist and political analyst. Election observation (monitoring, media coverage): European Parliament, Finland, Estonia. International observer: Parliament elections in Ukraine (2012, 2014), Presidential elections in Azerbaijan (2008, 2013), Armenia (2013), Ukraine (2019).

Hayk Kotanjian (Armenia)

LTG (R), Full Professor, D.Sc. (Strategic Security Studies); Former Distinguished Visiting Faculty Member, INSS, US NDU; President Emeritus, Political Science Association of Armenia; Board Member, «Lazarevsky Club».

Alexander Krylov (Russia)

Doctor of Historical Sciences, President of the Scientific Society of Caucasian Studies, Chief Researcher at the Center for Development and Modernization of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Vilmos Szabo (Hungary)

Hungarian Socialist Politician, 1998 – 2014: Member of the Hungarian Parliament, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Vitaly Andrievsky (Moldova)

Doctor of History, Director of the Institute for Effective Politics, Head of the information and analytical portal Author of publications and comments.