Dr. Alexander Tsinker (Israel)

President of the ICES, director of "East European States & C.I.S. Institute", member of the Knesset 1999-2003, system analyst, political scientist.
Monitoring of elections (international observer): 2001-Belarus (presidential), 2004,2010,2019-Ukraine (presidential), 2005,2019-Kazakhstan (presidential), 2006,2007,2012,2014,2019 - Ukraine (parliamentary).

Valentin Yakushik (Ukraine)

PhD in political science, PhD in laws, professor. Chairman of Supervisory Board of Ukrainian Institute of Politics (NGO).

Vilmos Szabo (Hungary)

Hungarian Socialist Politician, 1998 – 2014: Member of the Hungarian Parliament, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.