Johan Deckmyn ((Flanders, Belgium)

In the period of 2004 – 2014 and since 2019: Member of Parliament in Flanders, Belgium (Vice-president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs). Since 2019: Member of the Benelux Parliament; Member of the OECD Global Parliamentary Network. Since 1995: Member of the town council of Ghent (now group leader). Owner & Partner in a ICT-company (Ghent, Belgium)

List of some missions: 1992 – Zagreb, Karlovac (Croatia): Humanitarian mission during the Yugoslavian war; 2011 – Port of Mykolaiv (Ukraine): Economic mission as member of the board of the Port of Ghent; 2011 – Ankara, Emirdag (Turkey): Delegation leader of a Parliamentary encounter on remigration policy; 2019 – Lviv (Ukraine): Keynote speaker on the First Culture Congress in Lviv (TRANSITION 1989: WALLS. MEASURES. INTENTIONS); 2020 – Paris (France): Meeting of the OECD Global Parliamentary Network

Elections observation:

2012 – Kiev, Djnepropetrovsk (Ukraine): Observer on Parliamentary elections

2013 – Yerevan (Armenia):  Observer on Presidential Elections

2013 – Baku (Azerbaijan): Observer on Presidential Elections

2014 – Kharkiv, Artemovsk (Ukraine): Observer on Parliamentary elections

2019 –Vinnytsia (Ukraine): Observer on Presidential elections (2nd round)