Armenia should have recognized Artsakh long ago

Yerevan should put forward maximum demands to the Russian peacekeeping forces. It is necessary to appeal to all representatives of the Minsk Group, maybe the presence of peacekeepers from France and the United States would be beneficial.

Uzbekistan: Alea jacta est

The analysis of the reforms and changes undertaken in Uzbekistan demonstrate that a new model of society and state relations is being shaped. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said, there is no way back, all the bridges have been burned down.

Uzbekistan a year later: On the eve of a big strategic leap

Significant changes began in Uzbekistan in all spheres of society from the beginning of September 2016. Real changes are taking place in the relationship between the state and - people. After all, 2017 is the Year of Dialogue and Human Interests…

Islam: The End of the European Union?

Since the Islamist attacks of November 13 in Paris something has fundamentally changed in Europe. Europeans also now realize that they will never be completely safe from Islamic terrorism.

The Security of the Parliamentary Republic: the Model of Israel

Notwithstanding the remarkable unique identity of these two ancient players in shaping civilization systems, they share political lessons learned from national catastrophes having experienced during the two World Wars of the 20th century — the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire and the...

The Presidential Elections in Armenia: Statement of the observer mission ICES

The official presidential race has launched in Armenia Monday, January 21, with PACE observer mission having earlier expressed concern over the course of the campaign. PACE’s remarks involved low public interest to elections, inaccuracies in voters’ lists and impossibility to vote abroad.